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With COVID-19 forcing non-essential businesses to operate from home and keeping many consumers out of work, it may be tempting to put all social media campaigns on hold. However, in these difficult times, social media is the most effective way to connect to and engage with your audience. In the following guide, we explore the best ways businesses can improve their social media campaigns during the quarantine:
  • Share COVID-Conscious Posts
As COVID-19 forces all non-essential businesses to close their doors, social media is needed now more than ever. When creating content during this time, it’s important to share posts that take COVID-related issues into consideration. Just as brands can’t afford to stop selling or marketing themselves during the coming weeks and months, one ill-conceived post that ignores the reality of today’s world can come across as tone-deaf to your audience.
The best campaigns during these difficult times are those that are as human and empathetic as possible. While selling and advertising may be at the forefront of your mind, it shouldn’t come across this way in your social media campaigns. If you already have campaigns planned and are waiting to share them, social media experts suggest communicating authentically by first acknowledging COVID-19 in your captions and written content. Be sure to shed a light on the situation with your posts while empathizing with your audience.
For example, captions like, “These trying times make us more committed to serving our community than ever” or “Every purchase you make helps to keep our staff employed” will build trust with your audience as they show your followers that your brand cares about their wellbeing and that of their employees.
  • Continue to Post Consistently
Although the pandemic is taking an unprecedented toll on the global economy, this shouldn’t prevent businesses from connecting to their followers via social media. With most of the world stuck at home, brands have access to the most captive audience the world has ever seen. Even though the future remains uncertain, the present offers brands the chance to connect with as many active users as possible. Maximize this opportunity by continuing to share content that connects with your audience and promotes your brand values.
As you post during the coming weeks in quarantine, try your best to focus on customers’ day-to-day experiences. Think of using hashtags like #stayathome or positive captions that will lift your followers’ spirits as they spend the majority of their time indoors.
  • Don’t Forget to Practice Empathy
As you craft your campaigns for these changing times, always remember to communicate with empathy. Every post doesn’t need to include a mention of COVID or quarantine, but it is essential that you’re mindful of your customers’ current experiences at this time. Many brands are shifting their campaigns during these times to promote discounted products or services to help alleviate any difficult situations their clients may be facing.
With this approach to your social media strategy, you’ll be able to share relevant content and stay connected to your audience without painting your brand in a negative light. As your customers and clients social distance and shelter-in-place at home, social media platforms are still the fastest and most reliable way to reach them. Use this guide to create customer-centered content that will build trust with your audience as you continue to promote your brand.

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