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Navigating the ins and out of social media isn’t easy. While there is no one right way to handle your social accounts, there are certain marketing mistakes that brands should always avoid. Grow your social media presence by avoiding the following five commonly made mistakes:

1. Having Zero Social Media Presence

No presence on social media means no opportunity for engagement or growth. With zero reach on social platforms, you may as well not have any presence online. While brands often feel too overwhelmed to keep up with managing their accounts, being inactive on social media will make your brand seem out-of-touch.
Moreover, you’ll risk alienating customers. As 54% of customers visit a brand’s social media account to research products, if you have an inactive account, you’re likely missing out on a lot of interested potential customers.

2. Not Using Quality Content

Instagram and other social media platforms are all built around strong visual content. If your visual content is low-quality, it’s time to upgrade. Consistently sharing higher-quality content will attract more followers and communicate a certain level of professionalism about your brand.
As you revamp your brand’s content, get creative with the type of posts you make. Using sharp graphics, quality videos, and high-resolution photos is a recipe for success on any social media platform.

3. Sharing the Wrong Type of Content

Every platform isn’t the same and requires its own unique marketing strategy. If you’re constantly copying and pasting the same thing to Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, you’re missing out on expanding your reach with relevant content. Considering the needs of each platform and creating content to target that specific audience will guarantee the best results.
Curate the perfect campaigns by considering the quirks of each platform like when to adjust the text length, what type of content to focus on, and the kinds of images to use. Take all of this into consideration when planning out your social media marketing strategy.
4. Ignoring the Algorithm
The algorithm for social media platforms is constantly changing. This is especially true on the visual-heavy platform Instagram. Instagram’s algorithm focuses on what content each user is more likely to engage with and likely to want to see. Instead of ignoring this fact, take advantage of it. By paying attention to the algorithm, you’ll be able to better optimize your posts for high visibility and engagement.
Beat the algorithm by focusing on factors like how quickly a post receives likes and how recent the post is. Similarly, paying attention to peak posting times is a great way to optimize your posts to keep up with the algorithm. Studying your insights and metrics will give you a better understanding of how to work with each platform’s algorithm to get the most engagement.
Social media isn’t easy to navigate, but avoiding these mistakes will help you reach your marketing goals. Keep these guidelines in mind as you work to grow your brand’s following and reach on the most popular social media platforms.

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