Instagram has proven itself to be an integral part of every brand’s modern marketing strategy. With over a billion active monthly users, Instagram has the potential to connect brands with thousands of new followers and clients. As 80% of active Instagram users follow business accounts on the platform, it’s quite clear Instagram complements traditional and digital marketing strategies.
If your brand isn’t on Instagram or you’re not using it as often as you’d like, consider the following benefits of using Instagram as a business:

1. Grow Your Sales

Instagram isn’t only about followers; it’s about being able to grow your sales over time. With every campaign, you can update your audience on Instagram about special promotions and sales. Using promotional ad campaigns on Instagram will help you to drive traffic to your site. Likewise, you can also conduct sales with Instagram, depending on the type of product or service you provide.

2. Give an Inside Look at the Brand

Brands are more than their website and the sales they make. Many potential customers visit brands’ Instagram accounts to find more information about the company. For this reason, Instagram is an excellent place to give a behind-the scenes look at your company. From the posts to your main page to your content on Instagram Stories, every aspect of the platform is designed to let followers know what your brand is up to.
Whether you share sneak peeks about your newest products or show your followers a typical day at work, actively using Instagram is a great way to give your audience a glimpse of what your brand is all about.

3. Build Connections

Growing a successful small business is all about building connections. In addition to growing brands’ online presence, Instagram can help you network with like-minded individuals. While Instagram helps you attract your target audience, the platform also gives you access to a global network of active users, businesses, and investors. Use Instagram to connect with these users from all over the world as you collaborate and network with interested followers.

4. Track Your Sales and Leads

Business owners with brick-and-mortar stores know the importance of keeping track of leads and sales, but drop the ball when it comes to online trackability. With the help of Instagram ads, you can clearly track leads and sales to help you gain a better understanding of your ROI. By properly engaging Instagram metrics, you’ll be able to see the journey from link clicks to lead conversions. With this information, you can repeat these types of results in future campaigns.

5. Strengthen the Brand-Follower Relationship

While customers have access to brands 24/7 via their website, social media takes this one step further. The follower-brand relationship is an important one and can be the difference between someone that scrolls by and a repeat and loyal customer.
Engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than other platforms for a reason. With so many active users on Instagram, it’s the perfect platform to connect with and convert potential followers into lifetime clients.

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