Youtuber recording her video in the studio
In the world of social media marketing, there’s one form of media that is dominating all the others: video. Video is certainly taking the lead on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more. Read on to learn why video marketing is becoming the medium of choice.

1. Videos Increase Engagement

Building trust online between brands and followers isn’t easy, but authentic video marketing helps forge trustworthy connections. Videos quickly and effectively communicate emotions in a way other formats can’t. Through videos, brands can easily convey their “voice” with the help of facial expressions, tone of voice, dialogue, and music choice. This allows users to get a feel of your brand identity beyond pretty pictures and creative captions.

2. Create Shareable Content

On social media, videos are quickly outranking photographs and images as the most popular form of content. According to experts, 54% of social media users prefer to watch videos over consuming any other form of content. This type of branded video content is highly memorable, encouraging viewers to share, like, comment, and learn more after watching them. As more users interact with your videos, you’ll see your overall insights and metrics grow.

3. Take Advantage of SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO isn’t just for your written content. Thanks to video marketing, you’ll be able to improve your ranking on search engines. Video searches reportedly have a higher click-through rate than plain search results. The more you invest in video content, the more organic traffic you’ll receive.
Not sure how to use video to improve your ranking? Once your videos are published, you can take advantage of SEO by using relevant keywords in your metadata and tags.

4. Showcase Your Brand

While still images may be worth a thousand words, they can only say so much about how your brand operates. Whether you offer products or services, video marketing can help you give followers and customers a better understanding of what you’re selling. Photos only offer a one-dimensional view of your company, while videos easily showcase everything your company has to offer. Videos have a unique way of giving viewers an exclusive look at what you’re offering, as well as a behind-the-scenes peek into your brand.

5. Use a Visual Explanation

Another reason to consider video marketing is for its storytelling capabilities. Video combines other storytelling mediums into one powerful format by using elements like imagery, sound, text, and movement to effectively communicate your vision. While many people easily scroll past a photo or graphic, statistics show that videos are more likely to catch your followers’ attention.
Moreover, video content easily translates to entertainment. Many consumers will leisurely watch videos and engage with your content as they scroll through their social feeds. Take advantage of this by creating compelling videos that give your audience what they want, all in an easy-to-watch format.
Video marketing isn’t going anywhere. As you make room for video marketing in your social media campaigns, you’ll see an increase in engagement as your followers grow.

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