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Successful social media campaigns rarely happen by accident. Whether you own a big business or a small brand, a strong social media strategy will take your marketing efforts to the next level. Read on for the best secrets to help you launch a successful social media campaign.

1. Start With a Plan

The best social media strategies start with a solid plan. Your social media campaigns are essentially a plan to help guide all your interactions and content on various social networks. As you craft your social campaigns, consider what you hope to gain with your marketing efforts.
Ultimately, social media campaigns help to promote your brand with exciting content, encourage followers to engage with your posts, and build real connections with your target audience. Start drafting your plan by identifying the goals you hope to achieve with your social media strategy.

2. Use Appropriate Platforms

Making a successful campaign on social media goes beyond finding the right content to post on a single platform. Instead of focusing your efforts on just one social network, it’s best to create a campaign that targets multiple social media platforms. While you may want to focus on a particular site, each social media channel has its unique benefits.
Begin brainstorming the best networks by researching what platforms your customers already use. For example, since 90% of Instagram users actively follow business accounts, it makes sense for brands to use this platform to connect with their audience.

3. Work With a Social Media MARKETING Agency

Whether your goal is to improve brand awareness or drive sales, working with a social media management agency can help make your campaigns as successful as possible. Working with an agency of experienced marketers is the best bet for your social success. Helping clients with everything from running their social channels and creating compelling content to developing websites and building blogs, these agencies take the hard work out of managing your socials.

4. Check Your Insights

The success of your social media campaigns goes beyond the content you’re using. Insights behind your campaigns will help you fine-tune your strategies to reach even more people. As you analyze metrics like the number of likes, comments, impressions, accounts reached, and followers (lost and gained), you’ll have a better understanding of the most successful aspects of your campaign.

5. Create a Campaign-Specific Landing Page

As you put together a comprehensive social media strategy, it’s easy to forget your main goal: encouraging your followers to take the desired action. For example, if your brand hopes to drive customers to your website, you should design your campaign around this action. One of the best ways to do this is to create a landing page specific to each campaign.
Too often, businesses send people to the main page of their website when they promote a new campaign. While followers may reach your site, they won’t know where to go to find out more information about your current promotion. With a campaign-specific landing page, visitors will know they’re in the right place and will be more likely to take action.
Keep these tried and true social media secrets in mind for every upcoming campaign. With killer content and a winning strategy, you’re sure to see incredible success on social media.

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