Project Description

12 Month Case Study

Organic Growth

“…In our first year working with these guys, we have seen our social media presence more than double.”

Social Media Management

Pembroke Gun Range is one of Florida’s longest standing gun ranges. They have been in business for over 50 years and are very well known throughout the entire state. Pembroke has built a brand that firearm enthusiasts gravitate towards, and over the years they have built a strong following and online presence.

Overview: This case study will document the overall growth attributed to Pembroke Gun Range’s social media presence under the management of Web Nerds over the first 12 months.

Social Media Campaign Objectives:

  • Increase Follower Base
  • Increase & Improve Engagement
  • Create & Improve Content Strategy
  • Increase Social Media Referral Driven Website Traffic
  • Increase & Improve Brand Awareness
  • Manage Customer Relations
  • Drive Sales
  • Grow Overall Presence

Social Media Platforms:




PlatformFollower Count Before Management
Facebook(Likes) 1,344 – (Check-ins) 3,698
YouTube(Subscribers) 0 – (Views) 0

Key Note:

Due to the nature of Pembroke Gun Range’s industry, paid advertising is not an option that can be implemented into their campaign. These platforms do not allow the paid promotion of anything related to firearms.

Initial Take Aways: 

The first thing we noticed was the lack of quality in the posts that were uploaded onto the feed. There were many pixelated, out-dated, low-quality images and videos. We then noticed that people were engaging, however no-one at the range had time to respond all of the messages and comments.

Overall Strategy – Engagement Strategy – Content Strategy

Overall Strategy:

From the start, we understood that Pembroke Gun Range had a ton of potential for growth. The strategy that we created was focused around the need to improve communications (via engagement) with their audience, and the need to improve the business’s content (visual/brand representation). Based on these two anchors, we decided to implement the following strategies:

Engagement Strategy:

2-4 Hours of Daily Engagement

  • Daily Engagement included responding to all DM’s and Comments
  • Researching and compiling a spreadsheet of Hashtags in perspective niche
  • Daily Engagement within these selected Hashtags via liking posts, liking comments, responding to comments and commenting on posts to generate exposure

Content Strategy:

Content strategy included designing and creating posts, monthly content brainstorm meetings, monthly photo & video shoots, video editing/curation, setting up and managing content calendar

  • Launch Educational Firearm Video Series
  • Design High Quality/Engaging/Informative Posts
  • Full curriculum creation for Educational Video Series


PlatformFollower Count After Management
Facebook(Likes) 2589 (+92.56%) – Check-ins) 6743 (+82.34%)
Instagram4266 (+244.31%)
YouTube30 (+3,000%)

Client Testimonial

“In our first year working with these guys we have seen our social media presence more than double. The communication and interface we have with our customers is better then we thought possible. Your voice and your ideas are never ignored and they go the extra mile to make sure any idea you have is realized. In all honesty it’s been our upmost pleasure working with Web Nerds Media and I would recommend them to everyone.” – Miguel Perez, Director of Marketing

Year 1 End Notes

Our first year results with Pembroke Gun Range far exceeded our expectations. The feedback the range has received from their clients and new customers is nothing short of amazing. We have implemented many strategies that all have shown positive gain. We have a solid monthly content strategy and schedule and our partnered management with the range is seamless and extremely efficient. We are very excited to continue our relationship with the range for a very long time to come.