Project Description

12 Month Case Study

Organic Growth

“…Our social media presence has drastically increased, which has resulted in additional website traffic and conversion of leads/sales.”

Social Media Management

Salazar Investigations is one of the fastest growing Private Investigative agencies in the U.S. SI is a full-service agency providing professional litigation support, domestic, insurance or corporate investigations, with a team of private investigators covering all 50 states.

Overview: This case study will document the overall growth attributed to Salazar Investigation’s social media presence under the management of Web Nerds over the first 12 months.

Social Media Campaign Objectives:

  • Increase Follower Base specifically in industries including attorneys and insurance professionals.
  • Increase & Improve Engagement
  • Create & Improve Content Strategy
  • Increase Social Media Referral Driven Website Traffic
  • Increase & Improve Brand Awareness
  • Manage Customer Relations
  • Grow Overall Presence

Social Media Platforms:







Follower Count Before Management
Facebook(Likes) 62
Instagram(Followers) 284
LinkedIN(Followers) 4

Initial Take Aways: 

The first thing we noticed was the lack of quality in the posts that were uploaded onto the feed. Granted, they hired a social media manager with no experience. Their content was full of jokes and memes, sending the completely wrong message for a serious company experiencing tremendous growth.

Overall Strategy – Engagement Strategy – Content Strategy

Overall Strategy:

With virtually no following upon launch, we knew we had our work cut out for us. The strategy was to completely turn around Salazar Investigation’s social media presence, from local start-up to national player.

Engagement Strategy:

2-4 Hours of Daily Engagement

  • Daily Engagement included responding to all DM’s and Comments
  • Researching and compiling a spreadsheet of Hashtags in perspective niche, specifically law offices, attorneys and insurance professionals.
  • Daily Engagement within these selected Hashtags via liking posts, liking comments, responding to comments and commenting on posts to generate exposure

Content Strategy:

Design High Quality/Engaging/Informative Posts

  • Create series of educational/informative posts, also including posts explaining the services provided by the agency.
  • Content strategy included designing and creating posts, monthly content brainstorm meetings, monthly photo & video shoots, video editing/curation, setting up and managing content calendar
  • Also included in the content strategy was to take actual footage from investigations and turn it into actual footage video content.


PlatformFollower Count After Management
Facebook(Likes) 303 (+388.70%)
Instagram1411 (+396.83%)
LinkedIN73 (+1725%)

Client Testimonial

“WebNerds was the perfect choice for our business. The Owner, Emilio, truly understands what it takes to get the results we desired. He has gone above and beyond to put our brand in the forefront of our industry. Our social media presence has drastically increased which has resulted in additional website traffic and conversion of sales. Without a doubt, WebNerds has been one of the BEST investments for our Social Media Marketing and overall online presence. Thank you again Emilio!” – Eduardo Salazar, President/CEO

Year 1 End Notes

We are delighted to report that Salazar Investigations has achieved excellent results in its first year, to the satisfaction of our client. Their social media profile has undergone a visual transformation, and we have established valuable connections with law firms, attorneys, and insurance professionals across the United States. Moreover, Salazar Investigations’ social media presence was highlighted at a nationwide marketing event for private investigative agencies. In fact, the keynote speaker praised their efforts, stating “These guys (Salazar Investigations) are doing it right!”