Project Description

6 Month Case Study

Organic Growth

Social Media Management

The New York City-based Cigalar Brand is an upscale exotic cannabis company, offering a curated selection of CBD hemp, Delta 8, natural leaves, THC Flower & THC-O products. A collaboration between three fathers and entrepreneurs, the company was founded in 2014 and officially launched in 2021, intending to redefine “euphoria” for marijuana smokers everywhere. With its all-organic lineup, Cigalar offers customers smooth, consistent, classy and potent cannabis, from flowers, to gummies, as well as Delta 8 hashish, and THC-O disposable vapes. Individuals interested in representing the Cigalar Brand online, or selling their brand-exclusive cannabis products, may inquire at the Cigalar site for more information.

Overview: This case study will document the overall growth attributed to Cigalar Brand’s social media presence under the management of Web Nerds over the first 6 months.

Social Media Campaign Objectives:

  • Increase Follower Base
  • Increase & Improve Engagement
  • Create & Improve Content Strategy
  • Increase Social Media Referral Driven Website Traffic
  • Increase & Improve Brand Awareness
  • Manage Customer Relations
  • Drive Sales
  • Grow Overall Presence

Social Media Platforms:




PlatformFollower Count Before Management
Facebook(Likes) 0
Instagram(Followers) 127
TikTok(Followers) 0

Key Note:

Due to the nature of Cigalar Brand’s industry, paid advertising is not an option that can be implemented into their campaign. These platforms do not allow the paid promotion of anything related to cannabis.

Initial Take Aways: 

The first thing we noticed was the lack of quality in the posts that were uploaded onto the feed. The content was lacking creativity and did not reflect that of an up-scale startup.

Overall Strategy – Engagement Strategy – Content Strategy

Overall Strategy:

From the start, we understood that Cigalar Brand had the potential to grow in its respective niche/industry. We knew we had our work cut out for us building a brand from scratch and with virtually no following.

Engagement Strategy:

2-4 Hours of Daily Engagement

  • Daily Engagement included responding to all DM’s and Comments
  • Researching and compiling a spreadsheet of Hashtags in perspective niche
  • Daily Engagement within these selected Hashtags via liking posts, liking comments, responding to comments and commenting on posts to generate exposure

Content Strategy:

Monthly Photo & Video Product Shoots

  • Design High Quality/Engaging/Informative Content
  • Content strategy included designing and creating posts, monthly content brainstorm meetings, monthly photo & video shoots, video editing/curation, setting up and managing content calendar


PlatformFollower Count After Management
Facebook(Likes) 398 (+38900%)
Instagram(Followers) 1002 (+689%)
TikTok(Followers) 284 (+28400)

6 Month End Notes

In our first 6 months with Cigalar Brand we have experienced tremendous organic growth. Our content is performing extremely well and our DM’s are full on a daily basis with followers inquiring about our products. Our DM (and email) campaigns have resulted in thousands of dollars in purchases. The social media presence growth has attributed to direct sales which has allowed Cigalar Brand to set records in sales month over month in their first 6 months.