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About this project

Bazooka Bubble Gun is one of the best bubble machine toys on the market today. These handheld devices are designed to look like a toy gun or a mini bazooka and come in a variety of different colors and sizes.

You can also choose a Bazooka Bubble Gun with 29, 69, or 88 jets. These are priced to match a wide range of budgets. Regardless of what size you choose, these guns are produced to high-quality standards, ensuring that they won’t break.

Bazooka Bubble Guns are electronic devices that are powered by small lithium batteries. These are chargeable and are used for the powerful motor at the heart of the device. The toy also comes with a bubble plate which fits the toy perfectly. Everything that you need for the device is included, with the exception of the bubble mix. This can be purchased separately and the toy will work with all standard bubble liquids available on the market.

This toy is already a massive hit online and has been seen on countless social media accounts since its conception. This bubble gun isn’t just a device for filling the air with bubbles. It also has powerful LED lights built into the nozzle. These activate when you fire bubbles, lighting up any space and meaning that this device can also be used in the evening when it gets dark.