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What Exactly Is PPC?

PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is a form of internet advertising in which advertisers pay when users click their ads. Advertisers bid on the perceived value of a click in relation to the keywords, platforms, and audience type in which it originates. In short, it brings your ad to the top of Search Engine Results.

Here at Web Nerds, we focus primarily on Google and Bing. Businesses use PPC to drive traffic, sales, or inquiries from their target audience. Common PPC platforms allow an outstanding depth of targeting, meaning that you can serve ads in front of those only who you deem to fit your customer demographic.

Is it effective?

PPC tends to be extremely effective because it connects advertisers (in this case, your business) with warm leads. You are essentially advertising to people who are already interested in your product or service. This leads to great ROI with effective ad creatives and placements.

The other beautiful thing about PPC is that it is based completely around your budget. You wont have to worry about spending an enormous amount, you set your budget.

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Tailored Ads

Customized Ad Copy

When it comes to advertising and placing ads, copy is extremely important for effective communication. When we create ads for your business, we go through many different drafting phases to ensure we only publish the ads we feel will be the most effective.

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Social Media​​ Marketing

SMM is a tailored service made to simplify maintaining and building your business's social media presence by allowing our agency to manage your platforms.

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Web Design

We have 8+ years of experience building affordable, professional, modern, SEO optimized websites for our clients.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a modern way to stay engaged with your customers. There are many strategies that your business can benefit from by being able to contact all of your customer base with the click of a button.

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