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Contract Free management
Any agency can design and schedule a few posts for your business. Being the nerds that we are, we like to take things a few steps further, we believe so much in our service that we operate without contracts. When it comes to social media marketing, high quality/branded content is key. But shooting videos, photos, and products on a monthly basis is super expensive and requires a lot of planning right?

Not with these nerds…We have an in-house content team composed of graphic designers, videographers, and editors that will be the creative force behind your business’s content marketing. Our team and network of creators shoot fresh content on a monthly basis and are available to create remotely or travel for your content shoots. Yes, our content team shoots fresh content on a monthly basis for your social media.

Targeted Outreach
Daily Engagement

Every business’s social media marketing strategy is different. A solid social media marketing strategy is based on current and long term business objectives. 

Strategy is the landscape for content, engagement and growth to thrive on. Our marketing strategists will draw up the most effective, tailor-made strategy to hit your KPI’s and reach the goals you want for your business.

We’re one of the few agencies with a full community management team. What does this mean for your business? Daily engagement and targeted outreach. All of our clients are assigned a dedicated community manager. They will learn the ins and outs of your brand and will perform all daily functions associated with social media management. 

Does your business need to attract more customers or generate leads? We have proven outreach strategies that ensure your social media presence is not only growing in numbers, but also on the revenue sheet.

social media marketing agency fort lauderdale

Although we serve clients from all over the U.S, we have a strong focus on serving  businesses in need of social media marketing in Fort Lauderdale. We’re headquartered here, so we understand the marketing landscape and necessities that any Fort Lauderdale based business needs to carry out an effective social media marketing campaign.
South Florida is not just a very unique place to live, it is an even more unique place to run and operate a business. The social scene of Fort Lauderdale is very dynamic and we have proven strategies via social media to outreach and expose your business to as many people as possible.     

why should i hire a Fort Lauderdale Based
social media agency?

The greatest benefit that our Fort Lauderdale based social media marketing clients have is that we are able to provide you with our completely branded content capabilities. Included in our Full Nerd social media package is our client favorite, monthly content shoots.
Our content team has the ability to travel to your business every month to shoot fresh, engaging, branded content. Content shoots are not limited to just your place of business, we can travel anywhere within the Tri-County area (Broward, Palm Beach, Miami). We have in-house editors to ensure that all of the content we shoot for your business is high-quality, engaging, and branded!
Social media outreach is a key driver for local lead generation and client/customer acquisition. We have developed a proven daily outreach strategy for our clients that allows us to effectively reach Fort Lauderdale locals by way of social media marketing that applies across all industries. Locally focused strategy, content and daily engagement are the 3 pillars of success for a strong digital marketing campaign carried out via social media. 
The beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale has many social media friendly destinations and landscapes that can be utilized for attention grabbing reels, and cinematic commercial videos. Highlighting the cities backyard is another way to attract a strong local following which can provide the momentum push needed to grow at the national and global level.   

is there really a secret to
fort lauderdale’s social media auidence?

Social media marketing in Fort Lauderdale is best done by an agency that understands its unique and evolving demographic(s). Over 21% of the population here was born in a foreign country, and the average household income is just over $99k/year. To reach them on social media, you have to know where to look, and how draw their attention. Strong engagement is an indicator that your social media presence is making an impact in your respective market. Building a strong local social media following is a major first step for any business.
OUR 3 Pillar Formula

1. Strategy

Our strategic drive allows us to consistently adopt and adapt the latest trends and techniques in social media marketing.

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2. Content

The Web Nerds content team is composed of skilled graphic designers, creative photo/videographers and meticulous editors.

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3. Engagement

The key behind every social media growth strategy? A team of social managers engaging and building a community for their client. 

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 MANAGEMENT packages
We offer 3 packages with different levels of involvement all with NO contracts. Our first package is the Basic Nerd package which allows businesses the convenience of staying active on social media. The Full Nerd is our recommendation for every company and business owner that is focused on growing their social presence with industry leading strategy. Our Custom package is suited for larger brands and corporations that demand more.
Basic Nerd
No Contract
1 Post Per Week
Content Creation
Respond/Relay DM's
Respond to Comments
Basic Organic Growth Engagement Strategies
Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIN, TikTok
Monthly Content Shoots
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Full Nerd
No Contract
3 Posts Per Week
Content Creation
Monthly Content Shoots
Content Shoots Include Photos & Up To 4 Videos
HD Footage - Shot By Hand, Stabilizer, Gimbal or Drone.
Photos & Video Editing Included
Respond/Relay DM's
Respond to Comments
Daily Targeted Engagement
Advanced Organic Growth Engagement Strategies
Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIN, TikTok
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