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What is a Full-Service Social Media Marketing Agency?

Many brands wish there was a quick and easy way to handle their social media management. With social media algorithms getting more complicated each day, it’s harder and harder for businesses to reach their customers and attract new ones. This is why so many businesses turn to agencies to manage their social media. With an agency, you can outsource your social media management needs to a team of dedicated professionals. Read on as we discuss exactly what to expect when working with a full-service social media management agency.

Outsource Your Marketing Campaigns

Simplify running social media campaigns with the help of a social media management agency. These agencies handle everything from planning and creating content to growing your engagement and using analytics to improve your social media marketing strategies.
Our team of graphic designers, campaign strategists, content creators, videographers, photographers, and other creatives work together to create visually stunning campaigns to promote your brand on the most popular social media platforms.
In our efforts to handle every aspect of social media management, we use KPIs or key performance indicators to measure the success of your social media campaigns. Once we define our KPIs, we can create a plan to grow your social accounts. Essential social KPIs that we focus on include engagement per follower, follower growth, comments received, reach, engaged hashtags, referral traffic, and similar metrics that will improve your social media marketing efforts.

Create Incredible Content

When it comes to photo-heavy platforms like Instagram and Facebook, content is king. With so many businesses posting content daily, small brands need powerful visuals to stand out. Brands that share relevant images are likely to get 94% more interactions than other content. This makes it more important than ever for brands to share the most relevant, relatable, and riveting content.
Our agency has professional-grade equipment that our creative professionals use to create one-of-a-kind videos, visuals, and graphics. Our creative team converts these images into shareable content for all social platforms.
Working with a social media management agency guarantees you relevant content designed just for your brand that will keep your feed fresh as the followers, likes, and overall engagement grows.

Grow Your Engagement

Engagement is an Instagram buzzword that many brands know they need to focus on but aren’t quite sure how to do so. Engagement on social media relies on metrics like shares, follows, likes, retweets, comments, and click through rates. While it’s possible to focus on these on your own, working with an agency will give you a guaranteed strategy to help you improve the engagement of every post.
Daily engagement is the only way to continuously grow your account and your followers. Engagement is a big priority for our agency as we connect your current customers and future audiences daily. Our social media experts average 15 hours or more a week on boosting your account’s engagement.

Understand Your Analytics

With all the effort that goes into creating effective social media campaigns, the data of your marketing efforts can easily get lost in translation. However, these analytics tell the story of how effective your campaigns are. In order to improve your engagement and the effectiveness of your campaigns, you need to properly analyze your data.
That’s where we come in. We’re a data-driven social media marketing agency that builds each of our client’s campaigns by analyzing their insights and making data-driven adjustments. This way, we can better target your campaigns to reach your audience.
Give your brand the best chance to attract, target, and reach your audience with the help of a full-service social media management agency. Regardless of what type of brand you have, effective social media marketing will do wonders for your company.

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